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Take time before each season begins to set intentions and goals for the coming quarter of the year. Review all areas of your life. Our wellness philosophy is all about finding a good balance in our lifestyle.

Spring is such a magical time of the year; the sun starts shining, the days are longer and the world around us turns a bit more colorful. Spring is a time of rebirth. We pull ourselves out of lethargy, the day to day grind of winter and start to perk up with energy and excitement to finish the end of the year.

The journey to finding a good balance requires you to evaluate many areas of your life including: diet, mindful movement, your self-care routine, spiritual growth, your relationships, your home and truly checking in with yourself mentally.

Read on for our best spring cleaning routine tips.

A Good Balance Home

It starts in the home, after all we spend most of our time here. It might be a surprise to you that physical clutter in your environment actually causes mental clutter and stress. If your home is not tidy and organized you may find it very hard to truly sit down and relax or find the mental focus you need to finish a task.

The Bedroom and Closet Detox

Do yourself a favor and watch Marie Kondo Tidying Up on Netflix. We don’t know if it is just us but there is something so satisfying about sitting back and looking at our closet all neatly tidy and color coded.

1. Go through your closet and remove anything that does not serve you and donate it. 

2. Tidy up your bed and minimize the items collected on your night stand. Pick each item with intention; I have my Himalayan salt lamp, a relaxing homemade pillow spray and a small notebook. 

The Kitchen Detox

It's important for everyone to do a complete kitchen detox every few months and it’s insanely helpful if you’re committing to eating cleaner.

1. Go through your refrigerator and throw out any expired food, clean up any spills and organize what's left. We believe having a clean, organized and dare we say minimal fridge has an impact on what you choose to eat every time you open it. 

2. Go through your cupboards too, check for expiration dates and throw out any opened grains and pastas that may have some unwanted friends (bugs).

The Bathroom Detox

The bathroom is like our little home oasis, it’s clean, minimal in design and the plants hang out in there. Everything has its place so it can be found easily. We have our collection of non-toxic face masks, serums and mists. This is where a lot of self-care time is spent.

Do yourself a favor and go through your bathroom drawers and medicine cabinet. Again check expired medicines and toss them out- as you’re doing so, take a look at the labels on your personal hygiene products. Can you pronounce all the words in the ingredients list?

As you are cleaning all the drawers and have all your products laid out take a mental note. Every single day these products are going on your skin, in your hair, in your mouth or you are inhaling them. Today choose just ONE product that you can part with and replace it with a non-toxic alternative.

Choose your deodorant first. Sweat is one of our detox pathways and if there is aluminium and other harmful ingredients blocking the path, the toxins stay in our bodies. Conventional deodorants can be dangerous because they are full of chemicals and you’re applying it directly to your lymphatic system.

When done with the spring cleaning spray an essential oil room spray or burn some sage and cleanse the space.

A Good Balance Diet

Spring is naturally a detoxifying time of the year. As the weather starts to warm up we tend to crave light foods and more fruits and veggies. We are big advocates of detoxing through food and spring is our favorite time to focus on supporting our bodies for detox. We tend to naturally gravitate towards more juices and smoothies, salads and raw foods that are so powerful for detoxification.

Simple ways to support daily detox:
1. Ensure you’re getting plenty of water (lemon water is a great way to boost detoxification).

2. Focus on nutrient dense foods like fruits, vegetables and greens rather than choosing foods based on their caloric or macronutrient values ( a great option is Balance the Superfood Shot- it ensures you are getting that extra boost of superfoods, greens, veggies, and fruits to supplement your diet).

3. Support your lymphatic system by eating plenty of hydrating fruits and vegetables and dry brushing.

4. Detox conventional beauty and personal hygiene products.

5. Find ways to include mindful movement every day. 

Mindful Movement

Moving your body is not a chore, it's a luxury! We all know we need to do it, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We love changing the way we practice mindful movement with the seasons. It’s a great way to try out a brand new workout class or just simply change the way you move. Even if it's just a couple times a week, it can really inspire you to move more.

Instead of going to the gym every day, take your workout outside, head to the park and do a bodyweight workout or go for a jog around your neighborhood.

Practicing Mindfulness

It's also a great time to reevaluate your dedication to being mindful. Take a step back and figure out the areas that need a little work and implement a plan to get back on track. It could be spending just 5-10 minutes and starting your day with a guided meditation, getting outside and grounding (placing the bare feet on the earth) or spending a day out in nature by taking a hike.

It can be simply taking a walk around the neighborhood and appreciating the sound of chirping birds and stopping to literally smell the flowers. Lately our favorite thing to do is sit out on our patio next to the plants, sip my morning coffee and sunbathe for a few beautiful moments.

Today take a few moments and plan out how you can revisit these areas of your life for a spring cleaning.