At Balance the Superfood Shot, one of our pillar values is consciousness. We are conscious of the health of our community, which is deeply connected to the health of our earth. That's why we're committed to sustainably producing Balance.

Organic, Plant-based Ingredients

We are veg-heads at heart. So we're excited about the wide variety of fruits and veggies that we put into every Superfood Shot. These Superfood Heroes are sourced from organic, non-GMO farms all over the world. We do love our local farmers market, but we believe it’s important to source our ingredients from where they naturally, efficiently grow. And yes, our shots are entirely plant-based.

Responsible Packaging and Shipping

100% Recyclable Aluminum

We're one-upping the no single-use plastic movement. No plastic at all. Our bottle is 100% recyclable aluminum. Plus, it includes a food-safe, recyclable inner layer that prevents that metallic taste. Just enjoy, rinse and recycle.

Fun fact: the average aluminum can contains 40% recycled aluminum. This recycled aluminum takes 90% less energy to create compared to new aluminum.

100% Recyclable Packing

Our shipping materials are 100% recyclable cardboard. No stickers, plastic tape, nothing. We also use a local, vertically-integrated packaging partner. That means we use post-consumer, 100% recycled cardboard.

Have ideas?

We know that sustainability means constantly innovating. If you have ideas about how we can improve our mission to be earth conscious, we'd love to hear them. Contact us at