Choose The Right Superfood Shot For You!

If we could, we’d just eat the veggies for you but we did the next best thing! The perfect, easy-to-drink shot for the boost you need.

The Perfect Boost In One Easy Shot

Each shot contains ½ of the daily fruits & veggies. Why only half? Most of us only get 2.5 servings out of the recommended 5 (life's busy, we get it!) so Balance is here to fill in the gap. We created it in a way that makes it easy, delicious, and most importantly, nutritious!

All The Superfoods You Need

What’s a superfood? By definition, it’s a “nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health & well-being” - AKA the best foods! These are not your average fruits & veggies - when’s the last time you saw Camu Camu at your local supermarket? Read more about all the good stuff we put into each shot here.

Better For The Earth

We're super proud of our 100% recyclable aluminum bottles. Complete with a BPA-free food grade inner liner, so no metallic taste. Not to mention, we use 100% recycled and recyclable shipping materials.

On-The-Go Goodness

Unlike most cold-pressed juice, Balance the Superfood Shot is flash pasteurized during production and sealed to create a shelf-stable tonic. No refrigeration needed. No added preservatives. Just wellness on the go.

Here's what our Superfoodies say...