Balance the Superfood Shot® - Turmeric Blend


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If you’ve ever Googled “please make my achy joints stop hurting” or Facebook stalked your personal trainer, you may have read about turmeric. Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin that has been shown in studies to help with maintain a healthy inflammation response. So, it might have superpowers. No biggie.

Our Turmeric Blend is a bold combination of 1500 mg organic turmeric, tart cherry, orange, papaya, ginger cinnamon and black pepper (for turmeric and curcumin absorption). Great after a workout, or after just plain working.

Each healthy Turmeric Blend shot is the equivalent of ½ daily serving of fruits, vegetables and awesomeness.

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organic beets with leafy green tops

From the soccer game to your gym bag, Balance the Superfood Shot is shelf-stable and ready for your next adventure.


 - Provides 1/2 your day's fruits & veggies

 - No added sugar & no preservatives

 - Goes anywhere

 - Nutrient dense & antioxidant rich

 - Organic and non-GMO

Subscription Benefits

 - 20% savings on each order

 - Free shipping

 - Delivery when it works for you

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