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Our relationship with Cross-Lines Community Outreach sprouted from our company’s desire to get out of the office and into the community. Through our partnership, we volunteer as a team in the community garden that is located on the Cross-Lines campus.

All of the food grown in the garden goes directly to the the Cross-Lines food pantry. In just a month’s time, from June 1st to July 2nd 2018, the Cross-Lines pantry provided food for 330 households. To break it down, that is 462 adults, 290 children, and 97 seniors--849 individuals total. Many of the senior clients who receive the USDA Commodities & Supplemental Food Program box of food are able to shop for produce in the pantry, as well.

Cross-Lines provides several essential services to the community. While many of Cross-Lines services are limited to Wyandotte county, all the food assistance services are available to Wyandotte, Johnson and Leavenworth counties, as well as anyone in need of food. The kitchen does not require any identification to be served and will not turn away anyone who is hungry.

Throughout our time with Cross-Lines, we have been able to see the garden literally grown from the ground up. Our partnership began last March, right at the prime time for prepping to plant, and has continued ever since. We were able to help with the fall planting, which will allowed for fresh produce to continue to be provided to the pantry and kitchen. This spring and summer we will help again with the planting and harvesting. 

As a company, we believe that we can spend all day talking about changing the health of America, but nothing actually happens until you get your hands dirty and put in the work. Our partnership with Cross-Lines continues to evolve, we are excited to continue our efforts to help plant, maintain, harvest, and provide organic, locally grown produce to the community.

“I want to see more people engaged in fresh food. I think many are not aware of the garden and what it does. Community gardens and urban farms are becoming ever more popular, however, I believe most of us don't know there is a plot of land near downtown Kansas City, Kansas where the food is grown by volunteers and staff solely to provide fresh food for the community at no profit. I think many of the services Cross-Lines provides are, thankfully, also available at other agencies with the exception of the garden. That, to me, is something special,” said  the Commodities and Garden Manager at Cross-Lines.