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Summer has arrived which means vacation season is upon us!

For many, road trips and vacations mean greasy, quick meals at fast food restaurants, prepackaged salty chips from the gas station, and syrupy sodas to keep us satisfied. Even though we have much more information on how to properly eat and fuel ourselves - it can still be difficult to find something healthy to eat on the road. This is why we love to meal prep for vacation before we take off for our travels!

Meal prep for vacation gives us complete control over what snacks we will eat and allows us to make healthy choices with our favorite treats. With any vacation meal prep, it is important to plan ahead and think about what snacks we want on the road. We like to pack something salty, something sweet, something filling, crunchy, and the list goes on. When planning out these snacks - variety and accessibility are key!

Here are some of our favorite vacation meal prep essentials:

In-Season Sweet and Juicy Fruits

Strawberry fields forever! Fresh, in-season fruits are a great addition to pack on your vacation meal prep. They are sweet and juicy and are full of fiber to keep you full on your wild adventure.

Crunchy Veggies

If a carrot crunches in the woods.. did it even crunch at all? Carrots and celery are some road warrior snack favorites because they are hearty enough to store away in the cooler and they pack a satisfying crunch.

Balance the Superfood Shot

We love to pack Balance the Superfood Shotbecause it gives us ½ our daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables and allows us to stay healthy and balanced – even on the road. That's what we like to call a win-win, folks. 

Olives, Nuts + Healthy Fats - Oh my!

Nuts and olives make a perfect addition to our meal prep because they are salty, delicious and offer healthy fats that keep us satisfied.

Goodness gracious, great (energy) balls of fire!

Energy Balls are the perfect addition to any snack on the road. You can eat them for breakfast with your coffee or as a snack for a protein boost and a full belly. Here is one of our favorite Energy Ball recipes.

Preparation: To prepare all your goodies for the road, store them in air tight glass containers, mason jars, or Stasher bags and pack them in a cooler with ice. Enjoy your snacks on the road – refilling the ice as necessary to keep everything fresh!

Enjoy vacation season this summer!