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This was originally a Facebook Live video.
Today we sit down for a conversation with Chris Thowe and Kyle FitzGerald, Co-Founders of Life Equals.   Everyone really wants to know this! How do you get half day servings of fruit and veggies in that tiny bottle? Kyle:
“Oh Man, the magic question." "Well, it turns out it's really not as complex as you would think." "When we talk about 2 ½ servings of fruits and veggies like what’s in the bottle what we mean is two and a half cups of fruits and vegetables. The recommended number of servings is five cups per day. The reason we only do half a day is that most people are getting half the recommended amount already.  Some people might be eating five servings throughout the day but that’s the bare minimum we should be eating." "We use 100% organic produce, remove 80% of the water, and put all of that into our 2 ounce bottle." "It's really just that simple." "There's no preservatives, there's no added sugar, nothing. Literally two and a half cups of fruits and vegetables, take out some of the water, and pour into our beautiful little bottles." "Our vitamin products are made in different facilities all across the country.  Balance the Superfood Shot is made here in Kansas City, by a husband and wife team who are the best people in the world. We love that it’s made locally and we can wrap our arms around that." "The Balance Shot starts with superfood, which is why we called it the Superfood Shot.  Normal fruits and vegetable aren't used in our product. Everything you see at the supermarket is not the super nutrient dense produce that we put in Balance."
"First, it begins with a really high nutrient dense vegetable and fruit product and then basically we create Balance the Superfood Shot by removing the water.  The key is we have to begin the process with the most nutrient dense fruits and vegetables." "Balance uses superfoods due to that fact that the average American is not eating super nutrient dense food." "Guess what is the number one and and number two fruit and vegetable consumed in the country." "All right, what is it? Potatoes and tomatoes, which is ketchup and French fries. Come on people." "We decided if we were going to do this we’re going to use real organic superfoods and actually get something in there that's beyond what you can find in other products. It would be a pain to go around to all the different stores to search for all these different nutrient dense items and then pay the high cost.  We took the work out of it for you and the result is at least $5 worth of organic produce in every bottle. Balance the Superfood Shot makes it super easy for you to consume those much needed fruits and veggies.”
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