About Us


About Us

Bringing Life in Balance is not a catch phrase or some tagline churned out from a clever copywriter. This is our belief system. It’s what drives us.

At Life Equals, we are passionately committed to bringing about real and immediate change by micro-focusing on the daily nutrition of individuals. These changes - better health, greater immunity from disease, and a happier outlook on life itself - are the kind of deep, meaningful changes that reach well beyond the individuals themselves. By bringing the lives of people back in balance, we will, in turn, uplift families, grow healthier communities and leave the world better than we found it.


Our Team               Ksenia Avdulova, Life Equals Ambassador

Everyone at Life Equals walks the walk.

As a whole, we have a strong interest in healthy living, locally-sourced meats and vegetables, community gardens and cultural change. Individually, we have each seen the power that keeping our bodies in balance can have. Whether it’s overcoming digestive issues or beating food-related allergies, we have each seen the benefits of introducing the nutrients nature has always provided back into our daily lives. We'd love for you to learn more about our team here.



Bigger Than Us

Each and every one of us at Life Equals understands that even the smallest of stones can produce the widest ripples.

Since day one, through our partners at Vitamin Angels, we’ve donated a month of essential multivitamins to malnourished children in nearly fifty countries. And we’ve done so with every single purchase, no matter the size. As we continue to grow, we will always make the biggest ripple we can.


One Last Thing

100% Made in the USA

As we hope you’ve gathered by now, we are trying to change the world. Really. We focus on the health of individuals so that they can have a lasting impact on their communities. 

We’ve assembled a team who, individually, are reaching well beyond their own lives into areas such as community gardens, school lunches and physical fitness for under-served populations. But there’s one more thing we’d like you to know. Since we first started, it was important to us to have every product be 100% USA made. Truthfully, everything we make can be made cheaper in China. But we’ve committed to formulating and producing all of our products at industry-leading US-based cGMP facilities that exceed FDA standards. Better made and more effective products, local jobs and a clear conscience is a win-win-win we’ll take any day.


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