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Your best shot at better health.

Life Equals Focus & Energy

    • Benefits of Life Equals Focus & Energy

      • Enhances mental focus and concentration during stressful days

      • Increases physical energy for your overly busy life

      • Plant-based vitamins sourced from whole-foods

      • Naturally sourced caffeine from organic superfood guarana

      • No jitters, anxiety, or crash

    • Focus Your Mind & Energize Your Body

      Life Equals Focus & Energy™ is designed to enhance mental focus and increase energy levels as you maneuver through your busy life. Rather than shocking your mind and body like most energy products, it provides a gentle boost of mental focus and physical energy without jitters, anxiety, or a crash. Its active ingredients are the most natural forms of B-vitamins (including vitamin B12), amino acids, and herbs, including organic superfood guarana — a natural source of caffeine. Now, back to your busy life.

      60 count / 1 Month Supply Bottle
    • Common FAQs

      Q: Does this have caffeine?
      Yes, caffeine in organic superfood guarana is slowly released into your body, which leads to longer sustained levels of energy. Organic superfood guarana is a healthy natural source of caffeine derived from an herb grown in the Amazon (sustainably shade-grown, of course!) Life Equals Focus & Energy provides about 50mg of natural caffeine; less than a cup of coffee but a little more than a can of soda.

      Q: Will this make me feel jittery?
      No way! Life Equals Focus & Energy is the healthy way to focus your mind and energize your body. Life Equals Focus & Energy provides a healthy boost of energy, alertness and mental concentration. Some people call it “calm energy” with a slow taper to help you feel more present in what you are doing, that won’t drop you like a sugary energy drink.

      Q: How many capsules do I take?
      For your personal optimum nutrition, adjust the dose to fit your needs. If you are mildly sensitive, take one capsule for personal optimum nutrition.

      Q: When should I take it?
      Whenever you lack mental focus and/or are experiencing low energy. We recommend first thing in the morning, after lunch, during long drives, or 30 minutes before a workout. For your personal optimum nutrition, adjust the dose and timeline to fit your needs.

      Q: Will I really feel it from just one dose?
      You can take Life Equals Focus & Energy on an as-needed basis, even if that is every day (like most of our Life Equals Community does); 30-45 minutes after consumption, you’ll feel a healthy awakening that will help you increase mental focus and enhance physical energy while not feeling overwhelmed.

      Q: What is guarana?
      Guarana is an organic superfood berry that grows in the drainage basin of the Amazon River in northern Brazil. It has a different effect; however, than the caffeine normally consumed through coffee. The caffeine in organic superfood guarana is slowly released into your body, which leads to longer sustained levels of energy.

      Even more amazing, the organic superfood guarana berry has antioxidants that help sharpen memory and increase concentration levels significantly. So not only do you get a boost of energy by consuming guarana, you also develop a sharper memory.

    • How to Use

      Suggested Use:Take two capsules daily, with or without food for enhanced mental focus and increased physical energy. Repeat as needed; however, no more than four capsules in a 24-hour period. Full bottle should last one month.

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